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Vertical Gardens — Sky’s the Limit

Vertical gardens are very popular these days. In fact, it’s a huge deal, according to Derek Fell in “Vertical Gardening.”

According to Fell there are many benefits, starting with the fact that vertical gardens contain smaller beds which require less work to prepare and maintain. The gardens use less soil, fertilizer and water, and don’t attract as many bugs or diseases as ground plants do.

Fell notes that vertical gardens definitely use much less space, so they are ideal for occupants living in apartments, townhouses and condos, especially those living in large urban areas. The gardens also provide large yields considering their small size, plus the plants are easy to harvest, requiring little bending by the gardener.

Plants can be grown as easily along indoor walls as they can all over outdoor ones. Here’s an example of a vertical garden located in a kitchen:


For a great “how to,” see LifeontheBalcony.com, for a very creative reuse of pallets.


A do-it-yourselfer?  Watch this video for constructing a vertical frame for a garden in your backyard:



Finally, vertical gardeners who want a portable garden can purchase one like Juice Plus’s GardenTower. (towergarden.com).

(Tower Garden photos by Cathy Campagna. cc@cc4jp.com.)

And remember — be creative.  Sky’s the limit!

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3 comments on “Vertical Gardens — Sky’s the Limit

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  2. arthurlittsey
    April 14, 2012

    I have been hearing a lot about this type of gardening. Looks kind of neat!

  3. Cathy Campagna
    April 15, 2012

    Love my Tower Garden by Juice Plus!! Thanks for sharing this fun way of gardening that is also environmentally friendly!

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